Holiday Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of my new website, I will be holding a wonderful giveaway just in time for the holiday season! Win a set of the Je Anne Boleyn books, a stunning “B” Boleyn necklace, or a cameo of the young Queen Elizabeth I. Watch for information I will share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In December you can sign on to The Tudor Society to watch and listen to my video podcast, “Thornbury Castle.” Hear about the mysterious, historic past of this wonderful Tudor-era castle, located in the heart of Gloucestershire, England, along with the secrets it holds.

And finally…stay tuned for upcoming information about the epic historical thriller I am working on. With its origins at the Vatican Library, the tale sweeps across history in a story which will leave you spellbound!

About Sandra Vasoli

I am delighted to welcome you to my website! Among many interests, I have a deep and abiding love for all things historical: events, fashion, mannerisms, houses – and also words and language. One of my favorite periods is that of the English Tudor dynasty. What could be more intricate and impassioned than the dynamics in the Court of Henry VIII? With a keen fascination for the breathtaking life of Henry’s second queen, Anne Boleyn, I wrote Anne’s fictional memoir. The two volumes of the Je Anne Boleyn Series: Struck With the Dart of Love, and Truth Endures tell the story of a love for the ages – that of Anne and Henry, a pair matched in brilliance but ultimately tortured by their liaison.