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The following excerpted review is by Janet Wertman – writer of grants and historical fiction. Delivering interesting takes on the Tudors- and what it’s like to write about them.

Je Anne Boleyn is a beautifully written, first-person account of Henry VIII’s courtship of Anne Boleyn. The book begins at their first real exchange, and ends at their marriage.

I read it both as a Tudor fan and as someone who seeks to write about them. As a Tudor fan, I loved the details the author included. Vasoli did an immense amount of research – she even visited the Vatican to inspect Henry’s actual love letters – and it really showed. As a Tudor author, I appreciated things like Vasoli’s choice of Lady Margaret Wyatt as a companion to Anne, someone that Anne could talk to and get out of her own head. Few others in Anne’s life could have fulfilled this role as well.

Bottom line: I loved the book.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I would. I have had Anne Boleyn’s voice inside my head since I was eight years old, and I tend to dislike accounts in the first person narrative for that reason. But I have to say, Vasoli’s skill made first-person the right choice: it got us deeper into the story, more intimately than third person would have.