Struck With the Dart of Love

Book One of 2 part series Je Anne Boleyn 

From Je Anne Boleyn: Struck with the Dart of Love

I will admit it to be true. 


November 1525

We galloped full out across the rutted, frozen November fields, foam flying from the horses’ mouths and clods of deep-chilled earth from their hooves. Thundering headlong behind the bellowing hounds I glanced up and became utterly transfixed watching him lead the field. The supple strength of his commanding figure: the ease with which he controlled his huge bay gelding – his image held me captive! I was completely absorbed in the scene played out before me. Too late did I realize I had committed a most flagrant breach of hunt formality. Protocol did not permit me to ride to the head of the field, yet there I found myself, forging towards the front like a novice. And worse – that my mare, unchecked, had run right up on his hunter’s hind end, precipitating a startled backlash from its left rear hoof which narrowly missed my own mount’s head.

Scrambling to a desperate, breathless stop, I swiftly became all too aware of where I was, and of what had just happened. With a forcible drag on the reins, he pulled his steaming horse up, and whirled about in annoyance to find us standing there, my horse and me heaving with exertion. I, for my part, wishing I were anywhere else in the kingdom.


5 stars from GoodReads:

…What I really liked about this book was it’s told purely from Anne’s view- not an easy portrayal for any writer, but Sandra Vasoli gets it perfectly spot on in my view, because Anne does not come across as a completely innocent 100% perfect person, which of course would be the easiest thing to do. Here however, we see Anne’s fiery temper, her sharp tongue and her ability to use her alluring and captivating charisma to her advantage.

Watch for the publication of the second book in the Je Anne Boleyn series, titled Truth Endures. It will be available in May, 2016.

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