Letter from the Tower

“Sir, Your Grace’s Displeasure and my Imprisonment are Things so strange unto me, as what to Write, or what to Excuse, I am altogether Ignorant.”

Thus opens a burned fragment of a letter dated 6 May 1536 and signed “Anne Boleyn”, a letter in which the imprisoned queen fervently proclaims her innocence to her husband, King Henry VIII.   In Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower, read about an in-depth investigation that was completed, resulting in the resolving of a long debated mystery: who wrote this letter, and how did it arrive in its present home, the British Library? Read also about an obscure, but extremely plausible comment made by Henry VIII on his deathbed, in which he expresses “great griefe” over his injustices to Anne Boleyn and her daughter Elizabeth.


Excerpt from a review by an Amazon Top Reviewer:                                                                      5 Stars from Amazon:    

…Sandra Vasoli has done an excellent job shining a new light on a fascinating, yet hotly debated, piece of Tudor history. Was the Tower letter written by Anne Boleyn as she awaited her unjust execution? I’m still not entirely certain…What I do know for sure is that Ms. Vasoli crafts a compelling argument that adds a new dimension to what we know about Anne’s final hours. The evidence from Sandra’s research of the primary documents is expertly weaved together to give the reader a plausible explanation for the path the letter may have taken from that doleful tower to the personal collection of one of history’s leading antiquarians.

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